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Buy Palm Leaf Plates In Bulk At Wholesale Rates For Your Business At Dtocs we believe in creating a Win-Win situation for every stakeholder involved be it us as a seller, you being a buyer, our local farmers and mother nature at large. Every individual effort is aimed at creating a cleaner and a greener tomorrow!

Whether you are a small food truck owner, a restaurant/food joint owner, camping organizer, catering service provider or a big hotel chain; we have something for everyone! Starting from small sampling dishes used at trade shows, dining tableware like palm leaf dinner plates, dessert plates, designer cocktail plates & cheese boards to large serving tray & disposable charcuterie boards. Whether you want to place an order for a few hundred plates or want to order a full assortment, we can offer you these plates at discounted rates. Submit your details below and create your personalized wholesale account with us.