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From where can I  get information about Dtocs product range?

You can get the complete list of Dtocs products in the e-catalog. To download the same, please click Brochure.

How are Dtocs palm leaf products made?

Our palm leaf plates are made from naturally fallen palm leaves that are collected by local farmers and are then put into further processing as described in the “Product Journey”. Our products are 100% natural, safe and eco friendly.

Are any chemicals added during the manufacturing of these plates?

No Chemicals/Additives/polish is used in manufacturing of these plates. Only water & heat is used throughout the process.

Is any chemical added to these plates which adds to its aroma?

All these plates are made from natural palm leaves and each leaf carries a natural aroma. No artificial scent is added at any stage of manufacturing process.

Is any tree harmed/cut for getting raw material for these plates?

No, only naturally fallen leaves who have completed their life cycle are used for manufacturing of these products. The Raw material source is completely sustainable and no tree is harmed at all.

No 2 plates look exactly same. Why is that so?

These plates are made from natural palm leaves with no chemical used; each plate carries a unique character. Their may be slight variation in the product color, texture and in natural aroma.

Can we use the Dtocs products in refrigerator and microwave?

Yes, these plates are microwave and refigeration safe. The food will not react with the product material.

How strong are these palm leaf dinnerware?

Dtocs products are very sturdy and can even be used for serving full meals! This makes them an ideal choice for buffet to be held in the hand.

Are Dtocs plates costly?

No, despite being ecofriendly & sturdy, these plates are very economical and even cheaper than other available options of same strength. These Dtocs plates can also be used in business organizations like food outlets, hotels, restaurants etc.

Does disposal of these plates require any special facility?

Our product are biodegradable and compostable. Because there is no bonding agents, wax coatings or chemicals; it becomes good organic compost when disintegrates.

How can we place the order for Dtocs plates in bulk?

Though Dtocs plates are available on Amazon, Ebay and other leading online party supplies store for retail purchase but if you are planning to purchase in bulk, we can offer you quantity based discount. So please feel free to write to us at: sales@dtocs.com