Product Journey

Our sustainable tableware is made from fallen Areca palm leaves in India, which we collect, sanitize, and transform into beautiful bamboo like, woody textured products without the use of chemicals or toxins.

We're proud to hire women workers in India in our manufacturing process and support their livelihoods by giving back a portion of our profits.

Peek Behind the Leaves: Crafting the Perfect Plate!

  • Harvesting Palm Leaves: After completing their life cycle, Areca Palm leaves and sheaths naturally fall from the betel nut tree becoming natural renewable resources. Local farmers then gather these fallen materials for processing. It's noteworthy that our plate production doesn't harm or cut down any trees.

  • Drying Process: The leaves/sheaths, bearing moisture due to humidity, are sun-dried to prevent any fungal or mold growth. We also employ an eco-friendly alternative drying system, powered by solar panels and other renewable energies, where warm air effectively dries the sheaths.

  • Cleaning & Washing: Each leaf undergoes meticulous hand-washing with fresh water using brushes to eliminate any debris or foreign particles. This process also softens the sheaths by allowing them to reabsorb water, priming them for the next production step.

  • Heat Pressing: The leaves/sheaths are positioned in machines, shaped by specific dies based on the desired plate size or form. Heating and precise pressure transform the sheath structure, crafting it into a plate. Depending on the sheath size, multiple items can be molded. Any residual moisture is thoroughly dried out.

  • Edge Trimming, Sorting & Cleaning: Excess sheath is meticulously trimmed from the plates, sanding down rough edges followed by a thorough manual cleaning of each refined piece.

  • Quality Assurance & Sterilization: Our plates undergo rigorous testing to guarantee top-notch quality. We conduct yeast/mold assessments to certify they're ready-to-use,and UV treatment ensures each plate is safe for food contact.

  • Packing (shrink wrapping):Enjoy our ready-to-use plates, eco-consciously shrink-wrapped in recyclable plastic. Available in packs of 8, 25, 50, and more. Each pack is securely housed in sustainable cardboard packaging, ensuring safe and eco-friendly shipping