Impress Your Guests or Clients with these 8 Charcuterie Ideas

Impress Your Guests or Clients with these 8 Charcuterie Ideas

Charcuterie boards have become a staple at events, like birthdays, weddings, gatherings, holidays, and even everyday dining experiences. 

These artfully arranged platters of meats, cheeses, fruits, and nuts are not only delicious but also visually stunning. To truly stand out in the charcuterie business or just simply want to do it at home and wow your guest, presentation is KEY. That’s where DTOCS palm leaf plates come in. Let’s explore how these plates can take your charcuterie creations to the next level.


  1. Classic Charcuterie Board: Imagine a round platter with cured meats like salami, assorted cheeses like cheddar, brie, and goat cheese, and vibrant fruits like grapes and apricots. Mixed nuts and flavorful jams complete this classic setup. Credits to Jennifer Dunham of theboardandthebabe featuring our DTOCS Round Plate.

  2. Freestyle Charcuterie Board: On a long rectangular platter, create a colorful display with berries, cupcakes, cherries, and chips. This creative arrangement invites everyone to dive in and make their perfect bite. Credit to Ranjani of Grace Photography PDX for this photo featuring our largest plate DTOCS 22x12" Charcuterie Tray.

  3. Outdoor Charcuterie Board: Enjoy the great outdoors with a rustic plate featuring salami, prosciutto, brie topped with berries, cheddar, dried apricots, olives, fig jam, bread crisps, and mixed nuts. Shout out to Dimitria of Grateboards featuring DTOCS 10" Square plate

  4. BFF Night Charcuterie Board: Gather friends for a night of fun with a round plate featuring meats, berries, cheeses, olives, fig jam, bread crisps, and mixed nuts—perfect for sharing!  Credit to Wanderlust Boards for using DTOCS 10" Round plates on their workshops.

  5. Kids’ Charcuterie Board: Engage kids with a fun board of pretzels, chocolate bars, healthy crackers, and a dash of nuts. It’s a delightful mix for young guests. Credit to Artistry Boards for creating this celebration board with DTOCS Rectangle plates in sizes 7 x 11" and 5 x 8" rectangle plate set.

  6. Healthy Charcuterie Board: Create a vibrant, healthy platter with eggs, avocados, and fresh vegetables like bell peppers, carrots, onions, tomatoes, cucumbers, and a tasty dressing—ideal for fitness-conscious guests. 

  7. Spring-Themed Charcuterie Board: Decorate an oval platter with orchids, mint leaves, cheeses like brie and cheddar, tangy jam, salami, pears, grapes, apricots, and berries for a springtime feel. Credit to Refined Cravings featuring DTOCS Oval 10 x 14" Cheese Board Tray. 

  8. Themed Charcuterie Boards: For Father’s or Mother’s Day, create a special board with favorite foods and themes, like pink pastries or BBQ treats. Tailor the board to suit their interests for a thoughtful gift. Featuring DTOCS 7" Round plate.


BONUS: Treat yourself to a solo charcuterie experience with a small round or square plate. Enjoy thin slices of meat, brie, blue cheese, fresh grapes, apricots, fig jam or honey, artisan crackers, and mixed nuts.

Featuring DTOCS small bowls that can be used to this me-time charcuterie or dips!

Credit to Pretty Plated for featuring DTOCS 5" bowl and 5.5" round bowl.




These eight distinctive charcuterie boards showcase the versatility and elegance of our palm leaf plates. Perfect for any occasion, DTOCS plates enhance the visual appeal of your charcuterie creations while supporting sustainable practices. Choose DTOCS for a delightful and eco-friendly grazing experience.

Explore our range and let your creativity shine. Visit our store today!



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