About Us

Little changes can bring cascading impact.

At Dtocs, manufacturer and wholesaler of compostable natural eco-friendly areca palm leaf disposable tableware, we firmly believe in nurturing the nature and bringing changes in our ways that are more attuned to nature. “Go Green”, as they say, is the new lifestyle choice – healthier, greener and eco-friendlier. Our products aids you to seamlessly shift to greener lifestyle that too in an aesthetically pleasing way.

We bring you the age-old way of using nature’s gifts, the flora, in dining cutlery. Areca palm leaf dining plates, mud baked mugs and such products are neither a burden on our environment to handle nor on your pocket. Easily bio-degradable the products helps in leaving a greener footprints on our eco-system.

Vision & Mission:
Vision: Dtocs envisions to become a hallmark of greener lifestyle.

Mission: Bringing in wide range of natural and eco-friendly products that catalyze the adoption of greener and healthier lifestyle across the globe.

About Products:
We are proud of bringing a range of products that are natural, eco-friendly & sustainable. These natural and compostable plates are known across the globe by different names like Areca plates/Areca Palm Leaf Plates/ Natural Plates/Organic Plates etc. These plates are made from naturally fallen palm leaves thus no tree is harmed for making out such nice tableware. By being engaged in the manufacturing of these products, we are not only taking steps in making this world plastic free but are also supporting the local farmers to earn their livelihood.

Product Key Features:

  1. Eco-friendly – These plates made from naturally fallen palm leaves hence are 100% natural. Unlike bamboo, wooden and paper plates, no tree is harmed in manufacturing them.
  2. Plastic & Chemical Free – These Areca Palm leaf plates are made from chemical-free production process with no chemical polish or wax finish used on the plates; it is just a pure palm leaf. Hence, they are safe for human use.
  3. Elegant & Sturdy– These plates are much sturdier than other available paper disposable plates. Their natural woody texture and aroma add to their fine finishing thus making them much more elegant.
  4. Premium Quality & Perfectly Clean – Only the center portion of the leaves are used to ensure uniform shape and aesthetic surface. Each product goes through a rigorous quality control process including UV ray treatment for improved hygiene.
  5. Microwave Safe – These are microwave and refrigeration safe and can be used for serving hot/cold food, snacks, gravy and ice-cream. It serves as a great option for weddings, birthday parties and catering.
  6. Economical – Since these plates are made from naturally fallen palm leaves with no special chemical, adhesive required; these plates prove to be much more economical than similar strength disposable plates.
  7. Easy & Safe Disposal – Because of their bio-degradable & compostable nature, disposal of these natural palm leaf plates does not require any special commercial facility. If you are camping or enjoying around a bonfire, after use these plates can even be used as a fuel for burning.
  8. Natural Aroma & Woody Texture – Every individual palm leaf plate wears a different character. Each one has a different woody texture and a natural aroma which makes it much more elegant.
  9. Available In Different Shapes & Sizes – These plates are available in different shapes and sizes e.g. round plates, square plates, oval shaped plates, rectangular plates etc. Above all, because of their easy manufacturing setup based on the ordered quantity, these plates can be manufactured in any specific shape also.