Why DTOCS Tableware is Better Friend to Nature than Bamboo or Cane based

Our growing sensitivity to environmental issues and the way we are redefining our tastes and preferences to more sustainable and eco-friendly alternatives is commendable. The growing popularity of natural and compostable tableware is one explicit example. Dinnerware made from bamboo and cane products are much popular choice but do you know they are not as nature friendly as DTOCS areca palm leaf made dinnerware.

Let’s compare:


DTOCS Palm Leaf Products

Bamboo Products

Cane – based Products

Raw MaterialNaturally fallen dry leaves of areca palm treeBamboo trees are cut for the wood required for the productsMade from bagasse – the sugarcane waste 
Chemicals UsedNo adhesives, dyes or toxins used. Fallen leaves are dried, sterilised and given shape using hot mouldsMelamine is used sometimes as binding agent which can leech out on food over timeChemicals used in pulping and as bonding agents
CompostabilityEasily compostable; It will breakdown and act as fertilizer after disposal. Hence, no landfill.Non-compostable. It will end up in landfill unless burntNon-compostable
Bio-degradabilityNaturally degraded (in soil) in less than 60 days after disposalGenerally biodegradable in 4-6 monthsBiodegradable in 3-7 months
Thermal ResistanceDo not transfer heat & maintains shape. Can hold heat & cold liquidsHigh possibility of product losing its shape & rigidity if in contact with hot liquid foods. Transfers heat. Often the product deforms when served with hot liquids
Microwave/ Heat OvenCan be used to microwave foods. Also safe for oven cooking to certain temperature.Not microwave/oven safe as the laminate (melamine mostly) could mix with the food items.Few can be used for microwave, but not oven safe.

Clearly, DTOCS palm leaf tableware must be the ONLY choice of eco-conscious. Check the products here.