Why DTOCS Platters are Becoming Favorite Pick of Restaurants Serving Japanese Sushi in the US

Our love affair with Japanese sushi is no less interesting than a popular rom-com. In just few years, this oriental exotic delicacy has made its way on our platters and why is that?

The answer lies in its fresh flavours and the incredible mix of colors.

Japanese sushi is like an artistic portrayal of chef’s incredible creativity. You wouldn’t want to ruin it by compromising on the canvas, would you?

What complements best with the freshness of sushi is an equally fresh – a gift from nature, if you may say – DTOCS platters. Made from naturally fallen majestic areca palm trees leaves, the DTOCS platters are fast becoming favorites of restaurants and bars serving Japanese sushi in the US.

Let’s first see what makes any restaurant a Rockstar?

Customers: Finger-licking good food, definitely yes, and the ambience, for sure.

Restaurants and bars managers, we hear you sigh thinking of the pain and efforts involved in putting the best foot forward each time.

Well, DTOCS platter is just the one-stop solution to all your concerns.

Aesthetically endearing: During the manufacturing process, each platter has locked the imprints of natural hues and impressions which make each platter unique and elegant. And no adhesives, dyes or chemicals have been used in manufacturing them.

Very low maintenance need: DTOCS Japanese sushi platters are very easy to clean, durable and sturdy. They are microwave safe and fit for refrigeration too.

Definitely wins Eco-lovers’ hearts: Being compostable and bio-degradable, DTOCS platter is never a burden on nature to decompose. Our environment is safe with natural eco-friendly palm leaf DTOCS platters in use.

The natural, fresh and subtle shades of brown set a perfect backdrop for sushi chefs’ dash of creativity on the platter.

Do try to believe.

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