Why Dtocs Palm Leaf Tableware is Best For Picnics?

A pleasant weather is irresistible for a lovely picnic with our loved ones. It’s rather a happy sight how ecologically conscious people have become when they make sure they don’t leave any mess behind and dispose the waste segregated in separate bins. However, what still is a sad part is over 90% of the waste is PLASTIC!

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Yes, plastic is light-weight, convenient to use, affordable but it costs the environment too much to handle this ever-existing landfill. Dtocs palm leaf tableware is a natural and sustainable alternative to absolutely unnecessary plastic use in picnics.


Dtocs plates, bowls and platter are made from naturally fallen palm leaves, sun-dried and moulded. Stay free of fear of any health hazard like chemicals or toxins being leeched out of the plates as their manufacturing is completely organic and untouched by chemicals.

Guilt-free Disposal:

Disposing used Dtocs palm leaf diningware creates no landfill. It bio-degrades in about 60 days, can be used in compost or camp fire fuel. So, relish your good moments absolutely guilt-free.

Available in different shapes and sizes:

Square, rectangular, oval and round plates, platters and bowls in different sizes are available. Being non-flimsy they can hold curries too without making any mess.


Now comes to how heavy or light it is on pocket. Being nature’s gift and natural manufacturing process, the Dtocs natural tableware does not cost a fortune. Choosing Dtocs, you are rather in a win-win position due to its utility pre and post disposal.

Convenient use:

No high maintenance or ‘handle with care’ efforts required. Dtocs plates, bowls are durable, heavy duty, sturdy yet lightweight.

Not the least at least…

A Conservationist Voice:

Picnics set a perfect backdrop for us to learn the lesson on environmental conservation and Dtocs provides you perfect opportunity to ‘walk the talk’.

Dtocs natural palm leaf tableware is certainly a guilt-free ‘guilty pleasure’. Flaunt it in your next picnic.

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