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Grace up Your Charcuterie with Dtocs Eco-friendly Serving Board

Charcuterie is an absolute delight to see and more a gastronomical feast to devour. With an assortment of meat, fruits, breads, cheese and sauces, charcuterie is an amazing riot of flavours, colors and nutrients. The best part of this delicacy is that it’s every novice and seasoned chef’s favourite creative expression when it comes to […]

Why DTOCS Tableware is Better Friend to Nature than Bamboo or Cane based

Our growing sensitivity to environmental issues and the way we are redefining our tastes and preferences to more sustainable and eco-friendly alternatives is commendable. The growing popularity of natural and compostable tableware is one explicit example. Dinnerware made from bamboo and cane products are much popular choice but do you know they are not as […]

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