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Eco-sensitivity – Moving on to Kids’ Table with Dtocs

eco-friendly party

The shining faces of sheer joy, cheering, unmindful of the pickles of world around, untouched by the vices – this wild frenzy of a kid’s party is priceless. Why not let it be that simple? Why not let it be a opportunity for you to take the message of eco-sensitivity to the kids’ table? Current […]

Here’s How You Can be a Classy Eco-Crusader with Dtocs

dtocs nature conservation

The times we live in caring any less about environment and nature is no less than a crime. Our mindless consumerist lifestyle has already wrecked havoc on nature, and now it’s time mend our ways – the way we think and live. Dtocs natural palm leaf dinnerware is a sensible and easiest way to shift […]

Dtocs – A Perfect Companion of Minimalist Dining Musings

Simplicity is the new luxury. Minimalist dècor has come as a breath of fresh air amidst the much celebrated grandeur decor. Standing for simplicity, order and harmony, minimalist is more an intricate art than it seems to be. It respects space and nature and instills calmness. Nothing can be a better companion to it than […]

Why DTOCS Tableware is Better Friend to Nature than Bamboo or Cane based

Our growing sensitivity to environmental issues and the way we are redefining our tastes and preferences to more sustainable and eco-friendly alternatives is commendable. The growing popularity of natural and compostable tableware is one explicit example. Dinnerware made from bamboo and cane products are much popular choice but do you know they are not as […]

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