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Dtocs – A Perfect Companion of Minimalist Dining Musings

Simplicity is the new luxury. Minimalist dècor has come as a breath of fresh air amidst the much celebrated grandeur decor. Standing for simplicity, order and harmony, minimalist is more an intricate art than it seems to be. It respects space and nature and instills calmness. Nothing can be a better companion to it than […]

Why Dtocs Palm Leaf Tableware is Best For Picnics?

A pleasant weather is irresistible for a lovely picnic with our loved ones. It’s rather a happy sight how ecologically conscious people have become when they make sure they don’t leave any mess behind and dispose the waste segregated in separate bins. However, what still is a sad part is over 90% of the waste […]

7 Reasons Why Dtocs Dinnerware is an Epitome of Greener Lifestyle

Green living is not a luxury or a lifestyle choice anymore. It’s the only way forward. Back to basics or back to roots – the Nature – is the only way to sustainable living. Small changes in our daily lives can have big impact on the environment like shifting to solar power, using LED lights, […]

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