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Here’s How You Can be a Classy Eco-Crusader with Dtocs

dtocs nature conservation

The times we live in caring any less about environment and nature is no less than a crime. Our mindless consumerist lifestyle has already wrecked havoc on nature, and now it’s time mend our ways – the way we think and live. Dtocs natural palm leaf dinnerware is a sensible and easiest way to shift […]

Why Dtocs Palm Leaf Tableware is Best For Picnics?

A pleasant weather is irresistible for a lovely picnic with our loved ones. It’s rather a happy sight how ecologically conscious people have become when they make sure they don’t leave any mess behind and dispose the waste segregated in separate bins. However, what still is a sad part is over 90% of the waste […]

Green Dining: Areca Plates Are An Effort Towards Sustainable Living

Embracing the big city life is a swift move towards sophistication and affluence. A metropolitan life is maddeningly fast-paced. One needs quick fixes, convenient hacks and budget-friendly options that mostly look like neat and shiny plastics in all forms.¬†Stocking the kitchen with multi-coloured, quick-dry sponge wipes and kitchen rolls in dozens, hand gloves, cheap but […]

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