Step-by-Step Guide to Become Dtocs Affiliate

Success is just happiness. When you are happy, you are successful.

Happiness grows exponentially when shared with others. At Dtocs, we strongly believe in spreading smiles and helping each other in empowering and being successful TOGETHER. That’s why, we have a wonderful Dtocs Affiliate Program which holds us together, hand-by-hand, to grow.

Each hand and voice in support of eco-friendlier lifestyle is precious.

Perks of being Dtocs Affiliate:

  • Become a proud Environmentalist: Dtocs stands for green and sustainable living. As Dtocs Affiliate, you too become a strong voice in support of it.
  • Empower Yourself: Joining with the cause of natural conservation, you get the opportunity to empower yourself with new opportunities to supplement your income, that too without much workload involved.
  • Your passion for environmental cause is Your skill and expertise that is required.
  • Convenient and Flexible: Becoming Dtocs affiliate gives you flexibility to choose your environment and schedule as per your liking.
  • Absolutely stress and risk free: Dtocs Affiliate Program does not involve any registration fee or any hidden charges anytime or anywhere. It Is absolutely free and voluntary. Becoming our affiliate means that you have saved your skin from start-up risks, expenses, investments, after-sales concern, rather have created for yourself a pipeline for revenue trickling down your way.

How to Register for Dtocs Affiliate Program

Step 1: Spot the Store Affiliate Link

Scroll down to the bottom of the There’s STORE AFFILIATE in the footer (as shown in screenshot above)

Click it and it will take land on Dtocs Affiliate Program Page

Step 2: Register Yourself

As elucidated on this page, “Dtocs Affiliate Program is a performance based revenue sharing program in which the affiliate will earn a reward (mutually agreed percentage of sale amount) against every sale generated through her/his marketing efforts. In short, you just have to generate a sale on our website using your resources and rest all the operations will be handled by us.”

Click Register Here

Step 3: Submit the Registration Form

Fill in the information and * marked information are mandatory for successful submission of the form.

Registration Form

Don’t forget to Read the Terms and Conditions and check in the box if you agree.

Here’s a snapshot of some of the terms that you must agree:

For more information on referral fees or commissions and payment schedule, go through Terms and Conditions.


With the click on Submit form, you become a member of Dtocs Affiliate Program.

Special Link Generator: You’ll be provided a unique code which you have to make sure you add to Dtocs product(s) link on your website or blog or email which we call Special Link. There’s a link generator to generate Special Link to ease the process for you.

Welcome Aboard. Each hand and voice spreading the message of greener alternative lifestyle is welcome.

Let’s grow a sustainable green world together! 🙂

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