Palm Leaf Oval Plate Set (50) – 10×6 Dinner (25), 5×7 Dessert (25)


Dtocs oval shaped compostable palm leaf plate combo set. This 25 guest party pack contains 10×6 Inch Oval (25 Pcs.) & 5×7 Inch Oval (25 Pcs.) These disposable plates are sustainable and microwave safe. Areca palm leaf plate dinnerware set offers a bio-degradable & eco-friendly sturdy alternative to paper plates and Styrofoam plates. Like reusable bamboo plates, these eco-leaf plates can be reused for serving dry food. Ideal for serving snacks, BBQ, fruits etc. at corporate dinners, weddings, birthday party supplies. Key features:

  • USDA Certified Biobased Product
  • Perfect for serving BBQ, fruits, salad etc.
  • Vegan, leak resistant & grease proof
  • Each plate has natural aroma & woody look
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