Natural Sustainable Tableware For Regular Home Use

If you have been thinking of melanine or bamboo or cane based dinnerware for your daily use, PAUSE and RE-THINK. I’d suggest give Dtocs eco-friendly palm leaf tableware a thought.

We have our peculiar checklist for dining set because it’s not only occasions are to be celebrated, every moment with dear ones at the dining table is precious.

Sturdiness: With kids in the family, you got to be extra careful with the plates or bowls you are offering them. Dtocs puts an end to that worry as it is strong, durable and edges don’t tear. So, it’s perfect alternative to plastic or paper plates and other expensive dinnerware options.

Elegance: The earthy colors, woody texture and natural aroma makes it an elegant dining set to relish.

Easy on Pocket: Being made from naturally fallen palm leaves with no special chemical, adhesive required; these natural plates are much more economical than similar strength disposable plates, bowls and platters.

Chemical-free: From tree to table, palm leaf eco-friendly plates are untouched by any chemical – no adhesive, no dye or any toxins. Your family’s health is in safe hands with Dtocs diningware.

No spilling: The plates are neither coated with any dyes or adhesive, which. makes it non-flimsy – perfect to hold even gravy or curry.

Easy to use: These are not for one-time use – wash it, clean it and reuse it. This is the finest dining ware option that is so doesn’t require extra efforts for its care.

Oven and refrigerator friendly: Store food, use in refrigerator, then to microwave or use in oven – palm leaf plates and bowls can withstand all. What more can anyone ask for?

Comfortable packing: Use them direct from package and place them in your kitchen cabinet. They are so lightweight yet strong, handling and storing them is never a problem

Guilt-free Disposal: Because of their bio-degradable & compostable nature, disposal of these natural palm leaf plates does not cause any landfill and cause no damage to environment. In fact, after discarding you can use them as bonfire fuel or plant saplings in your kitchen garden.

All these perks of Dtocs tableware makes it perfect for BBQ parties and picnics.

Bonus: Dtocs palm leaf tableware is a hallmark of green living. A valuable teaching for your family – sustainable and eco-friendly living – respect Mother Nature.

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