Here’s How You Can be a Classy Eco-Crusader with Dtocs

dtocs nature conservation

The times we live in caring any less about environment and nature is no less than a crime. Our mindless consumerist lifestyle has already wrecked havoc on nature, and now it’s time mend our ways – the way we think and live.

Source: Greenpeace

Dtocs natural palm leaf dinnerware is a sensible and easiest way to shift to ‘Greener and Sustainable Lifestyle’.

Dtocs palm leaf plates

Dtocs reminds us ‘Back to Roots’ in a way this has been an intrinsic part of indigenous people in Asia and Africa who have lived harmoniously with nature since times immemorial.

Dtocs palm leaf dinnerware being made from naturally fallen leaves, doesn’t intrude in the nature’s way. The sun-dried leaves are then heat-pressed to mould them into plates, bowls, platters.

Natural, eco-friendly, compostable – these are some of highlights which make palm leaf tableware a hallmark of green and sustainable living.

Yes, there are other natural options available like bamboo and agree they look beautiful but do you know how many fully matured bamboo trees are chopped down to make a dinnerset! And see what all is lost considering the advantages of the bamboo forest:

You don’t need to be an activist marching on roads screaming in her loudest pitch for the cause of environment. We can do it changing the way we dine – one plate at a time. 🙂

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