Green Dining: Areca Plates Are An Effort Towards Sustainable Living

Embracing the big city life is a swift move towards sophistication and affluence. A metropolitan life is maddeningly fast-paced. One needs quick fixes, convenient hacks and budget-friendly options that mostly look like neat and shiny plastics in all forms. Stocking the kitchen with multi-coloured, quick-dry sponge wipes and kitchen rolls in dozens, hand gloves, cheap but cute containers and cutlery- mostly, plastic. Apparently, we are not alone. Single-use plastic in the kitchen forms the bulk of plastic waste in the world.

Reality Check

But of course, we are eco-conscious. Carrying clothe bags for grocery shopping and going thirsty than drinking from plastic bottled water. On a daily basis, green dining in sustainable living offers a practical way to help lower its environmental impact. Natural areca palm leaf tableware is a modern-day sustainable form of innovation. As a manufacturers and wholesalers of natural areca palm leaf plates, we have tried to bring in the age-old way of using nature’s gifts, the flora, in dining cutlery. Besides not being a burden on our environment, these are pocket friendly and fully compostable. If one peeks into their weekly grocery shopping bags, to find grains, bread, dairy, vegetables secured in plastic packaging. Fruits cushioned with Styrofoam and kitchen-cleaning essentials with plastic packaging sit neatly in kitchen cupboards. The United Nations had adopted ‘Beat Plastic Pollution’ as a theme for World Environment Day 2018. Hence, we have no choice but to take a hard look at the blind spot – our pantry and weekly grocery is just plastic, plastic and more plastic.

What does this mean?

A BBC article from 2017 reveals the time taken to decompose plastic. Styrofoam cushioning in fruits – 50 years; a plastic bottle that holds cooking oils and the plastic packaging of dishwashing agents – 450 years. Product specifications and environmental factors will come into play and these figures are an estimate. (Source: NOAA/ Wood Hole Sea Grant). In the meantime, they can choke marine life and block landfills, adversely impacting ecosystem and entering the food chain. These numbers are sure to leave us with guilt and anxiety.

Our Rescue Plan

Unlike bamboo, wooden and paper plates, areca leaf plates are made from naturally fallen palm leaves. No tree is harmed for the raw material hence are sustainable. They are eco-friendly. No chemical polish or wax finish is used on the plates. The idea is to focus on cutting food waste. Even if they are not composted, when they are combined in regular waste streams they will break down more quickly than plastics. However, the end-of-life for these plates and bowls in a landfill is anything but green. A byproduct of their decay is greenhouse gas methane. Roughly, it is 30-times more potent than carbon dioxide. Dtocs plates are available for multi-purpose use in different shapes and sizes- round, square, oval, rectangular, etc. They are mainly used as disposable food packaging, and serving item. Along with personal use for every meal, they are excellent for serving food while on picnics and parties. Healthy, simple living lies with our everyday choices. By encouraging sustainable consumption, we are creating a demand for green products. A bigger change will follow when the world realizes it is in their interest to show responsibility towards environment.

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