Grace up Your Charcuterie with Dtocs Eco-friendly Serving Board

Charcuterie is an absolute delight to see and more a gastronomical feast to devour. With an assortment of meat, fruits, breads, cheese and sauces, charcuterie is an amazing riot of flavours, colors and nutrients. The best part of this delicacy is that it’s every novice and seasoned chef’s favourite creative expression when it comes to opulence and splendour. Grace it up with the elegance and poise of nature-kissed eco-friendly Dtocs palm leaf charcuterie platters and boards and your guests will shower praises and be inspired with your eco-sensitivity.

“It’s just a platter. What difference can it make”, you might say but one can inspire many souls to replicate. It’s so easy to be a harbinger of a positive change if it begins with ONE PLATE at a time.

The Classic Round Charcuterie Platters


Charcuterie in Length & Breadth: The Rectangular And Square Charcuterie Platters


Oh so lovely OVAL Charcuterie Platters


It may look a daunting task to prepare a sumptuous charcuterie but it’s all the more fun! Do try it with Dtocs Charcuterie platters.


The world in my bowl

Unleash your artistic spell and try serving the charcuterie in single bowl for your guests. Dtocs bowls can be a cute companion for the purpose.