Eco-sensitivity – Moving on to Kids’ Table with Dtocs

eco-friendly party

The shining faces of sheer joy, cheering, unmindful of the pickles of world around, untouched by the vices – this wild frenzy of a kid’s party is priceless.

Why not let it be that simple? Why not let it be a opportunity for you to take the message of eco-sensitivity to the kids’ table?

Current favourite serveware for kids parties are paper or one-time-use plastic disposable plates. Why not switch it with more convenient and sensible alternative – Dtocs natural palm leaf tableware.


Here’s ten reasons why Dtocs serveware goes perfectly well with kids parties:

Lightweight and Unbreakable: Mommies, we heard you right. It is lightweight and unbreakable. Little munchkins needn’t care much about handling it.

Economical: The palm leaf serve ware is no burden on pocket. The plates, bowls are made from naturally fallen palm leaves and very ‘grounded’ manufacturing process; the prices are not artificially inflated.

Microwave and Refrigerator-safe: Little angels do take time to eat and sometimes food does get cold, we understand. Dtocs serve ware can safely be placed in microwave to warm the food. And it still retains its shape.

Can Curries and Gravies: Don’t be under the impression that plates, bowls will turn soggy with gravies. The sun-drying of palm leaves makes it sturdy enough.

Chemical free: No artificial dye, adhesive or chemical is used in its manufacturing, so question of any chemical oozing out when put in microwave!

Available in different sizes and shapes: Plates, platters, bowls are available in square, rectangular, round and different sizes. Check here.

Guilt-free disposal: Dtocs palm leaf tableware is biodegradable and compostable. It takes about 60 days for it to become one with soil again.

It can be a fun learning after-party activity where kids can put their used plates etc in compost bin.

Inculcating the right values of sustainable green living: Simplicity, eco-sensitivity, responsible harmonious living are some of the priceless lessons that can be taught with Dtocs. The lessons much needed to be respected and emulated for a sustainable lifestyle.

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