Why Dtocs Palm Leaf Tableware is Best For Picnics?

A pleasant weather is irresistible for a lovely picnic with our loved ones. It’s rather a happy sight how ecologically conscious people have become when they make sure they don’t leave any mess behind and dispose the waste segregated in separate bins. However, what still is a sad part is over 90% of the waste […]

7 Reasons Why Dtocs Dinnerware is an Epitome of Greener Lifestyle

Green living is not a luxury or a lifestyle choice anymore. It’s the only way forward. Back to basics or back to roots – the Nature – is the only way to sustainable living. Small changes in our daily lives can have big impact on the environment like shifting to solar power, using LED lights, […]

Natural Sustainable Tableware For Regular Home Use

If you have been thinking of melanine or bamboo or cane based dinnerware for your daily use, PAUSE and RE-THINK. I’d suggest give Dtocs eco-friendly palm leaf tableware a thought. We have our peculiar checklist for dining set because it’s not only occasions are to be celebrated, every moment with dear ones at the dining […]

Why DTOCS Tableware is Better Friend to Nature than Bamboo or Cane based

Our growing sensitivity to environmental issues and the way we are redefining our tastes and preferences to more sustainable and eco-friendly alternatives is commendable. The growing popularity of natural and compostable tableware is one explicit example. Dinnerware made from bamboo and cane products are much popular choice but do you know they are not as […]

Green Dining: Areca Plates Are An Effort Towards Sustainable Living

Embracing the big city life is a swift move towards sophistication and affluence. A metropolitan life is maddeningly fast-paced. One needs quick fixes, convenient hacks and budget-friendly options that mostly look like neat and shiny plastics in all forms.¬†Stocking the kitchen with multi-coloured, quick-dry sponge wipes and kitchen rolls in dozens, hand gloves, cheap but […]

Who We Are- About Us

Little changes can bring cascading impact. At Dtocs, we firmly believe in nurturing the nature and bringing changes in our ways that are more attuned to nature. “Go Green”, as they say is the new lifestyle choice – healthier, greener and eco-friendlier. Our products aids you to seamlessly shift to greener lifestyle that too in […]

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