Green Dining: Areca Plates Are An Effort Towards Sustainable Living

Embracing the big city life is a swift move towards sophistication and affluence. A metropolitan life is maddeningly fast-paced. One needs quick fixes, convenient hacks and budget-friendly options that mostly look like neat and shiny plastics in all forms. Stocking the kitchen with multi-coloured, quick-dry sponge wipes and kitchen rolls in dozens, hand gloves, cheap but […]

8 Effective Ways to Live more Sustainably

Sustainable tableware

We do not inherit the earth from ancestors, we borrow it from our children. This is the most thoughtful quote on our responsibility towards nature’s conservation and this has led to what is called Sustainable Development – mindfulness in actions so that any negative effect on environment is checked. It’s not right to completely shift […]

Planet or Plastic? The Choice That We Need to Make

Plastic is an economical and convenient packaging available that we has become a part and parcel of our daily life. Read along some of the findings that will make you re-think when you are opting to use plastic for your next shopping or picnic getaway. Some 18 billion pounds of plastic waste flows into the […]

Eco-sensitivity – Moving on to Kids’ Table with Dtocs

eco-friendly party

The shining faces of sheer joy, cheering, unmindful of the pickles of world around, untouched by the vices – this wild frenzy of a kid’s party is priceless. Why not let it be that simple? Why not let it be a opportunity for you to take the message of eco-sensitivity to the kids’ table? Current […]

Here’s How You Can be a Classy Eco-Crusader with Dtocs

dtocs nature conservation

The times we live in caring any less about environment and nature is no less than a crime. Our mindless consumerist lifestyle has already wrecked havoc on nature, and now it’s time mend our ways – the way we think and live. Dtocs natural palm leaf dinnerware is a sensible and easiest way to shift […]

Dtocs – A Perfect Companion of Minimalist Dining Musings

Simplicity is the new luxury. Minimalist dècor has come as a breath of fresh air amidst the much celebrated grandeur decor. Standing for simplicity, order and harmony, minimalist is more an intricate art than it seems to be. It respects space and nature and instills calmness. Nothing can be a better companion to it than […]

Grace up Your Charcuterie with Dtocs Eco-friendly Serving Board

Charcuterie is an absolute delight to see and more a gastronomical feast to devour. With an assortment of meat, fruits, breads, cheese and sauces, charcuterie is an amazing riot of flavours, colors and nutrients. The best part of this delicacy is that it’s every novice and seasoned chef’s favourite creative expression when it comes to […]

Add Dtocs’ Green Extravaganza to Weddings

Wedding is all about celebrating the love, the love the beautiful couple share for each other and their celebration style reverberates their love for things close to their hearts. That’s why themed weddings and destination weddings are such a hit. Everyone wishes their wedding to be a picture out of a fairy tale, a royal […]

Why DTOCS Platters are Becoming Favorite Pick of Restaurants Serving Japanese Sushi in the US

Our love affair with Japanese sushi is no less interesting than a popular rom-com. In just few years, this oriental exotic delicacy has made its way on our platters and why is that? The answer lies in its fresh flavours and the incredible mix of colors. Japanese sushi is like an artistic portrayal of chef’s […]

Step-by-Step Guide to Become Dtocs Affiliate

Success is just happiness. When you are happy, you are successful. Happiness grows exponentially when shared with others. At Dtocs, we strongly believe in spreading smiles and helping each other in empowering and being successful TOGETHER. That’s why, we have a wonderful Dtocs Affiliate Program which holds us together, hand-by-hand, to grow. Each hand and […]

7 Tips to Keep Your Camping Experience Rejuvenating and Guilt-free

Nothing beats a refreshing experience of camping, away from concrete forests, being in lap of undiluted pristine nature. But do we realise our mindless actions over a weekend can cost the nature decades of torture? Here are some of the basic tips to keep your campsite as pristine as you found it: Pack smart: Don’t […]

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