At Dtocs, we aim to offer best in class eco-friendly products that are sustainable and additionally supports the livelihood of local farmers. This plastic-free areca palm leaf plate is one such product. These are made from naturally fallen palm leaves from betel nut tree with no chemical used; hence are 100% natural & biodegradable. Dtocs plates are microwave safe, sturdy can even be used for serving full meals. Being compostable and biodegradable, post use these can easily be disposed off. The manufacturing of these plates includes below mentioned steps:

Collection Of Palm Leaves/Harvesting:
Areca Palm leaves along with sheath after completing its life cycle fall naturally from the betel nut tree and are collected by the local farmers for further processing. Unlike other natural plates, here no tree is harmed in the production of these plates.

Because of humidity, these sheaths contain some moisture content hence they are dried naturally under the sun thus ruling out any possibility of fungus/mold. An alternate drying facility has also been set that is powered by solar panel and other renewable sources of energy. Here the hot air dries the sheaths.

Cleaning & Washing
Now the sheaths are washed and cleaned by hand using a brush so as to remove any dust/foreign particle. Now as these sheaths will again absorb water they will become more softer & flexible and are thus ready for further processing.

Heat Pressing
These sheaths are laid in the machines, where these will be pressed into the shape of the dies used. For making different shaped/sized plate, a different die is used. They are heated by an external energy source and will be pressed with a certain amount of pressure which changes the structure of the sheath thus giving it a shape of a plate. Depending of the size of a sheath, multiple products can be pressed.
If any moisture content is still left, these are dried again.

Edge Trimming, Sorting & Cleaning
These plates are now trimmed for any excessive/unwanted sheath which may still be attached. Post trimming, manual cleaning is again done on the sorted plates.

Sterilization & Quality Check
Several tests are done to check the quality of the plates. To ensure the products are ready for immediate use, yeast/mold testing is done. For checking if the material is safe for contact with food, phytosanitation is done along with fumigation which is further supported by UV treatment.

Packing (shrink wrapping)
Now clean and ready to use plates are shrink wrapped based on the requirement like in the pack of 8 plates/ 25 plates / 50 plates etc. These shrink wrapped units are now placed in a cardboard carton so that these can be shipped safely.