Add Dtocs’ Green Extravaganza to Weddings

Wedding is all about celebrating the love, the love the beautiful couple share for each other and their celebration style reverberates their love for things close to their hearts. That’s why themed weddings and destination weddings are such a hit. Everyone wishes their wedding to be a picture out of a fairy tale, a royal extravaganza – that means insane spending and mindless exploitation and wastage of resources!

What if you get the elegance and opulence but within budget and almost nil wastage? How? NOT PLASTIC but with natural and sustainable catering with Dtocs dining range – an eco-friendly catering for wedding.

Here are some of the perks of Dtocs catering at weddings:

Classy Natural Ambiance: Dtocs diningware adds natural aroma to the celebration. Being made from naturally fallen palm leaves and untouched by any chemical or dyes, it is like celebrating with nature. Each product has its own unique woody texture and color making it all the more elegant. They are lightweight and non-flimsy.

‘Extravagant’ Budget Wedding: We definitely don’t want to put a price-tag on family and friends celebrations, but care for resources is not being stingy rather being prudent. Dtocs palm leaf diningware comes in different shapes and sizes, which fits perfect for appetisers and main course.

Guilt-free Disposal: Cutting down the wastage and landfill from weddings can be a great way to wedding celebrations. What makes Dtocs natural palm tree leaf tableware a thoughtful choice is that it is completely biodegradable and compostable. After disposal, it takes around 60 days for palm leaf dining ware to become one with soil again. Since it is natural product, they can be used as compost or campfire fuel.

Empower Women. Empower Nature: Dtocs workforce in India hugely comprises of women who have been traditionally using nature’s resources in their lives as nature’s gifts, palm tree leaf being one of them. A chunk of Dtocs earnings is spent on empowering these women and their children with good education and health facilities.

Conservationist Voice:

So, by choosing Dtocs you are making nature and underprivileged part of your celebrations.

Let the wedding be the voice of your concern for sustainable and harmonical co-existence.

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