7 Tips to Keep Your Camping Experience Rejuvenating and Guilt-free

Nothing beats a refreshing experience of camping, away from concrete forests, being in lap of undiluted pristine nature.

But do we realise our mindless actions over a weekend can cost the nature decades of torture?

Here are some of the basic tips to keep your campsite as pristine as you found it:

Pack smart:

Don’t overstuff your luggage with excess ration, tableware, packaging – cut down littering at source.

Don’t intrude or disturb the natural habitat:

Prefer staying at already available campsites and don’t fan out disturbing the vegetation. Taking your camping furniture along also makes sense as you won’t be tempted to move logs or rocks, disturbing the habitat.

Big NO to styrofoam plastic

Styrofoam plastic is a preferred tableware for camping because of its convenient carriage and use. But, it’s the cruelest way anyone can torture earth for decades. Being non-biodegradable, it’s a burden on earth and its disposal only leads to mounting landfill.

Choose Biodegradable tableware:

Natural palm leaf tableware is an impeccable pick for camping. Being made from naturally fallen palm tree leaves, the tableware biodegrades in almost 60 days. Use it to make compost or as campfuel, its disposal is keep you guilt-free. Check Dtocs eco-friendly palm leaf diningware range here.

Handle waste and trash sensibly:

Even crumbs, peels, cores – dispose them in garbage bag. Prefer to use bathrooms or outhouses. If unavailable, bring a trowel and bury human waste (if permitted) in a small hole 6-8 inches deep and 200 feet (70 big steps) from water. Another option is bring your own portable toilet system or a toilet waste bags.

No wastewater in river or stream:

Use a biodegradable soap and scatter the wastewater broadly, but never in the river or stream.

Inspect before you leave:

And last, but not least, spread out as a group before you go and inspect your campsite for “micro-trash” such as bits of food and trash, including organic litter like orange peels, egg shells or potato chips.

Camping is all fun when we Leave No Trace at all

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