7 Reasons Why Dtocs Dinnerware is an Epitome of Greener Lifestyle

Green living is not a luxury or a lifestyle choice anymore. It’s the only way forward. Back to basics or back to roots – the Nature – is the only way to sustainable living. Small changes in our daily lives can have big impact on the environment like shifting to solar power, using LED lights, segregating dry and wet waste, organic farming – and they all instil in us the responsibility we have towards environmental conservation.

So, why to ignore our dining habits?

Here, I give you seven reasons why Dtocs tableware is a hallmark of greener and responsible lifestyle:

Natural: Dtocs tableware is made of leaves of areca palm leaves, naturally fallen as per its own life cycle without human interference. Since ages, many communities have followed the custom of eating on palm or banana leaves. No ‘backward or tribal way’ it is, we got to reset our mental faculties to realise the inherent reverence for human-nature relationship it holds.

Biodegradable: Dtocs is a gift of nature that seamlessly seeps into soil after human consumption. The palm leaves are no burden on mother nature. Dtocs eco-friendly tableware generally takes less than 60 days to decompose and smoothly become one with the Nature again.

Compostable: Dtocs diningware is precious to those who make genuine efforts to reduce their carbon footprint on the Nature. Of late, families have become conscious of using kitchen waste in producing compost in their backyard. After disposal, Dtocs tableware can be used for it.

No Landfill: Dtocs natural tableware does not choke natural life cycle at any point. Being biodegradable, it leaves no impressions of its presence in the form of landfills. It just imprints and strengthens our environmental ethics and blossoms in our memories.

Chemical free: Not anywhere during its manufacturing, Dtocs plates, bowls, platters are touched by toxins, adhesives, dyes or any other chemical. The naturally fallen palm leaves are sterilised and hot pressed to give desired shape. Neither the sturdiness nor elegance is compromised while keeping them absolutely chemical-free.

Minimalist: With its soothing earthy colors of nature, Dtocs dinnerware is simplicity personified. It subtly conveys your love and admiration for symbiotic relationship with nature – a minimalist artist.

Natural is new Luxury: Lavishness and grandeur, we have seen, how they exploit the resources both natural and man-made. Dtocs makes you appreciate the beauty in simplicity and sustainability. Being close to nature is not crude or rudimentary. It’s a new luxury.

Relish the grandeur of Dtocs luxurious natural tableware.

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